Foodie Friday: BBQ Chicken That May Just Help You Keep All Your Appendages

by Maile on June 28, 2013

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Eight years ago Shawn and I moved back from a four-year stint living abroad in England. The move was a bittersweet one, leaving behind so many wonderful friendships we had made on the other side of the Atlantic, but we were eager to rekindle the precious relationships we had here in the good ole’ U. S. of A. The weekend after our return to the States, I had the opportunity to reconnect with some of my dearest girlfriends in the world. Our little group began in college, though, funny enough, I can’t now remember how all our paths managed to cross. It always seems strange to me how friendships are born. At the surface they look so haphazard, the product of luck or coincidence. But many heartbreaks, confessed secrets, stupid practical jokes, and buckets of tears later, you realize these people were meant for you.

And my love for one of them in particular increased exponentially when she served me, on my first weekend back in the States, the most mind-blowing, taste-buds delighting bbq chicken I’ve ever placed in my mouth. I remember the moment, sitting at a candle lit table in her cutesy little apartment in Norfolk, Va when that blessed gift was laid upon my plate. I couldn’t get over it. I fear now that my enjoyment of it may have left everyone else at the table feeling rather uncomfortable. But I won’t apologize. I simply can’t. Because perfection, when chanced upon, must be given its due praise.

Becca, true to her angelic self, provided me with the recipe, which I have used with complete abandon over the past 8 years. Odds are that if you come to dinner at my house you have a 90% chance of eating this chicken at some point during the meal. Believe me, you can’t overexpose this dish.

So following in my dear friend’s footsteps, I am providing you with this link to the delectable recipe (and while you are at it, take a look around the Fine Cooking website; theirs is one of my favorite foodie destinations.) Of course, this recipe coming into your possession just before Fourth of July is absolutely providential. Forget the fireworks; just serve this chicken, and you will leave your guests stunned and amazed while retaining all your limbs.

Happy July 4th!!!

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